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Deepanam School

STEAM Education and Benefits

In 2021, Deepanam launched this program for its students in partnership with Yuvabe’s youth, and it continues to thrive successfully to-date. 

Deepanam seamlessly integrates the foundational elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) with Sri Aurobindo’s Integral education philosophy, fostering a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience. This interconnected approach transcends conventional divisions, exposing students to interdisciplinary and practical methodologies.

The heart of this program’s strategy empowers students through project-based learning within the STEAM framework. This cultivates curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration – aligning perfectly with Integral education’s emphasis on holistic development rather than mere academic prowess.

What makes this program distinctive is its incorporation of Arts into STEAM. By encompassing colours, form, texture, literature, and music, students explore their innate creativity. This harmonises with Integral education’s aim to develop both analytical and creative faculties, preparing students to adapt effectively to future challenges.

A standout feature of this STEAM implementation is the engagement of Auroville’s youth as mentors and allies. This introduces diverse teaching approaches and perspectives, enriching the learning journey for children. It nurtures a sense of community and intergenerational connection, echoing Auroville’s ethos of human unity.

In essence, Deepanam’s fusion of STEAM and Integral education pioneers a progressive pedagogical model. Fostering skills, creativity, and community bonds, it equips students with the tools to thrive in a rapidly changing world while upholding the principles of holistic development and unity.

STEAM Fest 2023

Every April’s first Saturday witnesses Deepanam’s STEAM Festival. This event not only showcases children’s accomplishments but also provides interactive insights into their year-long learning journey. Various engaging stations offer hands-on experiences, with added incentive of winning attractive prizes.

Last year’s STEAM Fest boasted 10 captivating stations catering to diverse ages and interests. From engineering drawing to puzzle solving, code decryption, interactive animal behaviour games, and straw skyscraper construction, it catered to diverse interests.

Anticipation is building for the next STEAMFest. Join us for a day immersed in STEAM experiences, celebrating curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Mark your calendars and prepare for an enriching day of STEAM-infused excitement!