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Deepanam School

A Day At Deepanam

Morning Circle

During the start of the day, all the groups within their class gather in a circle to sit silently followed by sharing.
This encourages students to reflect on their experiences at home and at school. The older students have time for journaling and group discussions once a week, which promotes self-reflection.

Mantra Chanting

As you walk along the classrooms of Deepanam , you will be greeted by sweet sounds of sanskrit mantras chanted by students in their class morning circle

Academics Based Learnings

From an early age students are offered subjects like Languages (English, Tamil and French), Mathematics, Science, History, and Geography (through projects). Recently we have added STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) to our curriculum.

Though this we aim to develop critical thinking, creative thinking, concentration, memory, and problem solving.

Through literature and history we develop emotional intelligence, intuition, inquiry, reason and self-reflection.

Through geography we look at us and our place in the world not in the spatial sense but also conservation of natural resources.

Creative expression

After Lunch, students at Deepanam engage in creative activities such as art, music, writing,dance and drama which can allow students to explore their creativity and
express themselves in different forms.

These activities also allow teachers to gain insight into each child’s unique talents and interests.

As they grow up and progress, it gives the, sense of purpose and direction.

Physical Education

Students attend the Dehashakti sports program which offers a complete physical development program through activities that involve challenges and the improvement
of mobility, control, health, fitness, strength, stamina, and body skills. The focus is on promoting teamwork, fair play, and positive attitudes during games and

Progression from Light to Faith & Hope

  • Reading program, Compréhension, Creative writing, Vocabulary
  • Mathematics, Operation, Mental math, Math games
  • Languages: Tamil, English, French
  • Projects in Science, Geography, History
  • Reading stories on Sri Aurobindo, The Mother & Mythology stories
  • Theatre, STEAM, ATB, Craft, Clay, Painting, Field Trips
  • Math Operations, Mental Math, Math games
  • Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, Creative Writing
  • Project Work – Learning By Doing
  • Field Work and Field Trips
  • Theatre
  • Exploring Shared Values
  • Geometry, Fractions, Decimals, Logic, Algebra, Math games
  • Creative Writing, Vocabulary, Poetry, Literature, Journaling
  • Science, STEAM, History, Geography
  • Project Work – Biography, Civilisations, Field Trips
  • ATB, Social Emotional Learning, Boys & Girls Circle
  • Theatre through the school year
  • Arts: Craft, Painting, Clay
  • Advanced Math, Critical Thinking, Brain Growth
  • Creative Writing – Magazine, Literature, Poetry
  • Genius Hour – Coding, Photography, Japanese
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, STEAM
  • Theatre – Immersion for a Term
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Art & Craft – Clay, Fashion Designing, Painting
  • Graduation