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Deepanam School

Deepanam campus embodies qualities that the school upholds. It provides an optimal environment to support self-learning journey of the child.

Deepanam has a sustainable, low energy consumption campus that has developed organically in the heart of Auroville. There are: Classrooms for the four learning groups, STEAM, Science and Computer Labs, ATB room, Art, Craft, Clay, Painting and other activity rooms, plus a Dining area. The classrooms and activity rooms are well-lit with natural light. Large windows and mesh doors allow for ventilation such that air conditioners are not required. The building decorated by children’s artworks inspires a sense of beauty and harmony. The campus also has a beautiful amphitheater where children have performed their plays and skits over the years.

There is plenty of outdoor space that kindles the connection with natural world. There is an outdoor garden, football field and play area. Children are often seen deeply engrossed in observing the insects and birds, tending to the garden or playing boisterous football matches

With sustainable construction, open green space and embellishments with children’s works, Deepanam campus is truly a harmonious fusion of science, art, nature and human creativity